Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a sundry?

A sundry [sun-dree] is a miscellaneous or small item that doesn't always fit into a category. View our Sundry Collection here.

What is wild crafting?

Wild crafting, or wild harvesting, involves sustainably gathering plants from their natural habitats while ensuring that enough mother plants remain. Although not certified as organic, these non-cultivated plants are naturally organic. Harvesters must provide a three-year history of the areas harvested to comply with The Organic Food Production Act of 1990 and avoid interfering with wild crops.

What is an infusion, and how is it different from a decoction?

An infusion is a method of extracting active compounds from plant material by steeping it in hot water or liquid, while a decoction involves boiling the plant material in water or other liquid to extract its active compounds.

The key difference between infusion and decoction lies in the
temperature and time of the extraction process. Infusions involve steeping plant material in hot water, while decoctions involve boiling the plant material. Infusions are generally quicker and more gentle, while decoctions can take longer and are more intense.

What is this 'Free' Local Delivery?

With a $10 purchase we offer Free Local Delivery.

The radius is 5 miles from our home in Rockland, MA. This typically includes parts of Hingham, Abington, Norwell, Weymouth and Hanover.

The option for Free Local Delivery will be automatically offered at checkout if your delivery address is within the radius.

What is Herb & Sundry's Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy can be found here or via the links at the very bottom of our website.

Where can I find Herb & Sundry's Terms of Service?

Our Terms of Service can be found here or at the very bottom of our website.

Is there a Return Policy?

Yes. Our Return Policy can be located here or via the link at the very bottom of our website.