The Sundry Sun Issue #15 - Spring isn't just for plants.

The Sundry Sun Issue #15 - Spring isn't just for plants.

Dear Sundry Sun family,

As the earth awakens from its winter slumber, so do we. Spring isn't just a time for plants to bloom; it's also an opportunity for personal growth and renewal. Just as trees shed their leaves in the fall and lie dormant in the winter, we too have had a period of rest during the colder months.

During the winter months, we embraced a period of introspection and reflection, aligning with the cycle of nature. It was a time for us to delve inward, contemplate our lives, and establish intentions for the future. As the cold weather enveloped us, we found solace in the warmth of our homes and the quiet of the season.

Now, with the arrival of spring, the energy shifts once again. Trees unfurl new buds, flowers burst forth from the thawing ground, and the world around us bursts with vibrant life. This season invites us to embark on our journey of growth and renewal, just as nature does.

Last year, we attended the International Herb Symposium, a conference where herbalists, teachers, and holistic practitioners gather to share their wealth of knowledge of natural medicine and wellness. I sat in a class titled "Wild Woman Body Care" with Anya Tyutyunik and she discussed ways to take care of our bodies throughout the seasons.

Specifically with spring, she shared that spring is a time of "re". Re-newel, re-birth, re-vival, re-start, & re-think. I find this to be a really beautiful concept. Spring is when we shed that which no longer applies to us or serves us. It's a time to reawaken our true desires and begin a new on our journeys to better ourselves.

We can cleanse our minds, bodies, and spirits of any accumulated heaviness or negativity, allowing space for fresh perspectives and opportunities.

By embracing this metaphorical spring cleaning, we set the stage for personal transformation and growth. As the world outside flourishes, so too can we cultivate our own inner garden of dreams and aspirations. Spring isn't just a time for plants—it's a season of renewal for us all.

How do we do these things? The beauty of life and individuality is that it's totally up to you! There are many traditions around the world that approach cleansing in their own ways. Not everyone belongs to a tradition in that sense, including myself.

So, I have gone with my intuition on what my body needs and decided to implement the following: meditation(even if I can only spare 5 minutes), stretching/yoga, cutting out almost all sugar, refining my diet to things homemade & incorporating lots of fresh veggies (I love kale and cabbage salad with avocado cilantro dressing), and lastly, but not least, TEA and lots of it.

Specifically, mugwort, nettles, and ginger. It doesn't taste like much aside from ginger, but it is packed full of nutrients and soothes & regulates my digestive system.

One last thing I find great for all times of year, but especially now, is to simply do more with intention.

~ Take the time to be present while you eat or drink. Maintain the intention or a mantra that what you're ingesting is nourishing your body and that the nutrients are getting to your bloodstream, organs, and enriching your body and mind.
~ Shower with intention so that as you wash your body and hair you are washing away not just dirt and oil, but negativity, stress, unpleasant thoughts and feelings. As you rinse under the water, let it relax you and use this time to visualize what you want to manifest in your life, letting the water amplify your desires.

There are ways for all of us to transform this spring into summer and fall just as nature does all around us. As Ms. Anya said in class when asked for specific instructions and exact formulas, "There is no recipe, you have to figure it out for yourself." Take that to mean that there is fun in experimenting and learning what truly works for you as an individual. Be cautious, yes, but have fun and be curious.

Please, write us if you have questions, comments, or things to add! We are always looking to engage with you and learn from our community members! Thank you for reading!

In herbal harmony and well-being,

Lisa Quinn

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