a small blooming branch

Spring is springing!

Spring is a beautiful time of year in New England, when the snow melts away and the forests and fields come back to life. During this time, a number of herbs begin to sprout and grow. Some of the most common ones include:


   Stinging Nettle: Tstinging nettle planthis herb is high in nutrients and is known to help
   with allergies and inflammation. It is often used to make tea or added
   to soups and stews.


dandelion plant   Dandelion: This common weed is often seen as a nuisance, but it has
   a number of medicinal benefits. It is a natural diuretic and is thought to
   support the liver and digestion.


yarrow plant   Yarrow: This herb is known for its ability to stop bleeding and is
   often used to treat wounds. It is also sometimes used to ease
   menstrual cramps.

burdock plant   Burdock: This root vegetable is often used in cooking, but it also has
   medicinal benefits. It is thought to support the liver and skin


garlic mustard plant   Garlic Mustard: This herb is a natural antibiotic and supports
   respiratory health. It is often used in cooking and can
   be added to salads or made into a pesto.


We find great joy in searching out these plants and watching them mature as the season goes on. Its a great way to really get to know these beautiful helpful plants and helps hone in identification skills.

These herbs, along with many others, are just starting to sprout in New England as the weather begins to warm up. They offer a wide range of medicinal benefits and can be a valuable addition to anyone's herbal medicine cabinet. However, it is important to properly identify any plant before consuming it and to consult with a healthcare professional before using any herbs medicinally.

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